Over the past year or two, we've received hundreds of comments, letters and emails remembering The Now Explosion from all over the country. Eventually, most of them will appear here.

For now, here are a few of the latest. We try to answer them all and we've posted just a few of our recent replies to make as much room as possible for your comments and questions.

AND if you see yourself dancing in our video from 37 years ago, tell us and we'll certainly give you credit.

ALSO (if you wish), whether you were a viewer or a dancer, email us a picture of yourself - then or now - and we'll post it with your comments.

Send anything to: HiThere@thenowexplosion.com




I was 22 years old and an avid dancer when I was asked to dance for a video in Dallas.
It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me at that time.  I danced on top of a drum shaped edifice that seemed to be 10 feet up in the air.  I wore a purple outfit if I remember correctly.  I remember being afraid that one misstep would send me headlong to the floor.  I was chosen along with Kathy Johnson from the dancers at the Cinders club on McKinney Ave.  I have never forgotten this day and loved to embarass my now grown children by telling them that for a day or two I was a professional go go dancer.  I can't remember how much I was paid but I remember I was excited to be paid for something I loved to do.  And, I think the band I danced with was the house band at the Cinders, The Velvet Dream.  Any chance of being able to download any of this video from a website?
Thanks for the memories.
Judy Hardeman

rpikulski8 via email

Hi, I'm very happy that the "Now Explosion' is getting more notice from more and more people.  I grew up in Staten Island, NY and my memories are from the first weekend at home after returning from Vietnam in june of 1970.  It was very difficult adjusting to civilian life after being in a war zone.  I couldn't sleep very well and I remember coming back home on a Saturday night, my parents asleep and turning on the TV.  I channel surfed by hand and suddenly hit Channel 11 - WPIX and there was music video of current and past hits.  I was fascinated and started watching and watching and before I knew it, it was about 4:00 AM and the Explosion was still going strong.  I watched it religiously and truly believe it helped me get back my sanity.
Particularly, I remember 'The Long and Winding Road' and anything with a beautiful girl dancing away which was great for a returning soldier.
Thank you again and keep up the good work.


Reply From Bob Whitney

Hello there...Thanks for your memory. Hope you don't mind if we poste it on our website. That was a long time ago to remember the details of that special night in 1970. Glad we were with you at 4:00 am. Hope you saw "The Long and Winding Road" video we found. It's on the web now. By the way, we are very interested in having viewers meet each other on our website and we may just start making some new video. if you have a recent picture of yourself...and maybe one of you in your uniform in 1969-70, we'd love that to be an event on our story.  And if you don't mind giving me your name, I'd like that, too - but no requirement, of course. Thanks again for the interesting story of your life event - and ours - 38 years ago.

Best regards always,
Bob Whitney
Founding Elf
The Now Explosion

 His name is Richard Pikulski and he replies from East Hampton, Connecticut


Thank you for the kind message.  I look forward to seeing my story on your web site.  Attached are 2 photos.  The Vietnam photo is me at the bottom of the photo along with my medic, Matt Brady.  This was September of 1969 and I was 22 at the time.  The other photo is my wife, Julie and I on a cruise to Bermuda last November.
It's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed the Now Explosion.  I really appreciate what you did with the show and I'll never forget it.  I did see the Long and Winding Road on the web and boy, did that bring back memories.  The other thing was you played most of the songs that I missed while I was in Vietnam.  What a great way that was to catch up on my music.
Richard Pikulski

Richard and Medic Matt Brady Sept '69
Richard and Julie Bermuda bound Nov. 2007.....

Richard writes
What a treat seeing my story on the web. If you ever decide to have a Now Explosion reunion for staff, participants and viewers, count me in.  It's amazing how your idea grabbed so many people and stayed with them for so many years.
Thank you again,



Mike Baxter in Houston

I often hear a song on BoomerRadio.com or the local classic rock station here in Houston and think about the Now Explosion.  I was in my first year in college when it started and was “in love” for the first time.   What a time!
Thanks for the great times back then and the great memories now.
Mike Baxter
Houston, Texas



Weemus (Paul Burke) - Atlanta

One of my ex-wives was in the video of "Turn Back the Hands of Time", I think it was. All the girls moved their arms around like clock hands. I remember "Spill the Wine" by Eric Burdon. I think it was filmed in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This was close to the time Ted Turner gave a Merry Christmas message to his audience. He looked and sounded so poor and out of place, like a farmer trying to be comfortable in a sportscoat. Thanks for showing these clips. I used to watch it in our psychedelic basement on channels 17 and 36. These woke up some forgotten and jaded memory cells. My dendrites are just a'snappin'! - Paul Burke, still in Atlanta



Melanie Van Hasselt - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Make it With You on the website is not my sister but I saw my sister's version on TV in the DC area more than once while vacationing there - so I know it made it on the air and it was definitely the Now Explosion show.  The director was working out of the Boca area through Florida Atlantic University I think - maybe you know his name.



fairnorth on YouTube

I was thirteen years old, when this great show aired in New York City. The first time I heard "ALL RIGHT NOW"(FREE) and "FIRE AND RAIN"(JAMES TAYLOR), was on THE NOW EXPLOSION! This show was way ahead of it's time! A superb masterpiece!



Melissa (meljojo@nctv.com)

Hi, I've linked to you from The Now Explosion website. I sought out information about the show because of a forum at our class reunion website where people were discussing favorite shows of the 70's. Naturally, I thought of The Now Explosion. It was exciting to learn that the tapes have been so well preserved and some remastering has been done. Are there any plans to produce the tapes on DVD for marketing? I would love to be able to purchase copies of the shows, and I'm sure many other people would like to, as well. Thank you for your time. Lisa J.



Reply from Bob Whitney

Thanks for your note and your question. Many people have asked about the chances for a DVD of the preserved Now Explosion videos. It's a great idea and we think someone ought to do it. They will have quite a job clearing the material because so many people may have rights associated with the old productions. We'd be glad to talk with anyone who is up to the task. Glad you enjoyed The Now Explosion - Then and NOW.

Best regards,
Bob Whitney at The Now Explosion






From The Bronx

I, too, remember "Now Explosion". My sister and I used to watch this show when we lived in the Bronx what must have seemed like a hundred years ago. This was MTV before MTV. One of the segments I remember most is Melanie's video of "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)". Thank heavens for YouTube, and thanks a bunch for posting this, Bob!



kessie1747 (from YouTube)

Thank you sooooooooooo much for finding these. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. Hard to find anyone who remembers this show. Ms. Longino's description of "how" the show came to be was hilarious to me because that's EXACTLY how I've described it to people... local station desperate for viewers, ran it 24-hours from Friday-Sunday, etc. All the parents were complaining that all we did on the weekends was sit and watch the Now Explosion. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Lots of great memories.
Yours truly,
Helen Katopodis, Charlotte, N.C.


nemodapimpfish (from YouTube)



steve3ri (from YouTube)

Thank you again Bob for segment2. Another great job. I posted the link on my website again. Looking forward to segement 3...Steve


Johnnynoir333 (from YouTube)

This is awesome stuff! Can you play any one of the videos?


foolmoon70 (from YouTube)

Great stuff!



mikemc2828@hotmail.com ... Re: TV36Hello,

Just found your web site about The Now Explosion. It brought back a lot of
memories. I have a question about another show that was made in Atlanta and featured a
lot of Atlanta High Schools and sights, music was played during the film
clips. I am unable to remember if it was on after the Now explosion on 36 or
was on 45?. Can you help. The High school I attended was featured on one progam and I would like to
see if it still exists. Thanks

Mike McKie



Bob Whitney at the Now Explosion

Hi Mike:
The only thing I know that might be what you are looking for was called The Music Connection. It took the place of The Now Explosion on channel 36 when we left to go over to Ted Turner's Channel 17. The show was directed by our former director, Steve Rash. I don't know much about how long it lasted - I believe that US Commuinications folded Channel 36 and went dark a short time after we left. You can reach Steve Rash at: steverash@comcast.net Since we went to Ft. Lauderdale to produce our show and syndicate it nationally after 13 weeks at Channel 36, I don't know much about what happened in Atlanta right after we joined Turner on Channel 17.

Where are you located now? Did you watch The Now Explosion in 1970?

Thanks for your note. Hope you find the information you need.


Bob Whitney



Thanks for the info. I will try Steve and see what he might have.
I live in Orlando now moved here in 1977.
I did watch Now Explosion when it was on.
Did you ever think Ted Turner would have done what he did and create such a
vast media empire back then?


dharmamark (from YouTube)
Very entertaining...now explosion video sends us back...thanks for posting this!

favelapeople (from YouTube)
Fantastic channel !

thx1138 (from YouTube)

Dear Bob
I saw with fascination the excerpts from "The Now Explosion" local pop programme from 1970. I'm afraid I don't remember it myself (being from the UK) but I'm very used to the same era of archive footage and pop shows from this side of the Atlantic. It's great that some recordings of your shows have surfaced - I remember seeing a brief online clip a few years ago. Your show seems so fresh, a great time capsule which was a lot more "with it" than what the big three networks were producing at the time. Ed Sullivan's rather stiff presentation and staging comes to mind. May I ask some questions? How much footage has been recovered - was it just a single show? Running time? It appears it was an original 2-inch NTSC Quad recording being played back, were there many problems or were the tape(s) in reasonable condition? Is there any likelehood of this footage ever being licensed for use on a DVD release, or will it just be the confines of the University and clips online? Many thanks, -Jon




Is there going be a dvd of series Now Explosion.
I would appreciat it if there is going be dvd of this 70'series.

Thank You


Westendgirl55 (from YouTube)

I can't believe it! Do you know how many years I have been talking about this show to blank stares? I was beginning to think I imagined it!!! I used to watch on Channel 11 in NY, WPIX. My father HATED it, like all good parents. I would watch for as many hours as it was on! Let's see.... I remember "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha" with a go go girl dancing in front of a psychedelic screen and "Which Way You Goin' Billy," with a little story video of a lonely girl missing her boyfriend.


Rapsadee50 (from YouTube)

Great stuff Bob and crew...just awesome seeing again. Makes me feel my age.



From: Miranda Rehm

Subject: Great site!

Just a note to say thanks for your website which I've enjoyed browsing
through. I well remember watching endless hours of The Now Explosion as
a teenager in Atlanta; I used to keep the TV on all day at weekends
instead of the radio. The one video that sticks in my head for no
particular reason was of a girl dressed up like a mouse, dancing on a
giant clock face to "Turn Back the Hands of Time"! And the Beatles'
"The Long and Winding Road" set to a montage of photos of, um, long and
winding roads.

When they started shooting locally, it was great fun watching to try and
spot familiar places and even faces. I remember the producers filming
at various high schools in Atlanta (including mine); they appeared to be
running out of ideas for videos at that point. The show seemed to be on
less and less as time went on, down to an hour on the weekends as I
recall, and then disappeared entirely.

Thanks again for the trip down memory lane!


From: Robert Ray

I had just graduated high school and since that time I have gone on to
perform on Braodway (1980 Revival of Oklahoma! at the Palace Theater) in
Atlantic City, and in Europe as a Guest Entertainer on both Princess and
Seabourn Cruise Lines. In Atlanta, from 1980-1990 I had a very succesful night club act called "Robert Ray and the Rayettes."
I encourage you to find a way to air this piece of "Rock and Roll" history or
perhaps box it and sell it as the predecessor of MTV. If I can help in anyway please do not hesitate to get in touch.
By the way - thanks for giving me my first professional job in what has
become a 31 (and counting) year career.



Here is a 1970 letter to the Editor in TV Magazine for St. Louis, the week of November 8th, 1970. "Dear Editor: I would like to thank Channel 30 for showing "The Now Explosion". My sister and I really think it's neat and hope it stays on the tube for a long time." --from Happy Watcher

-Thanks for this memory to Kerry Manderbach - St. Louis - July 2007



Hooper_X watched on poeTV

It's awesome how much fun all the dancers are having. They're just getting down and mouthing the words to the songs and having a grand old time.
I had no idea this show existed until today, but holy crap, what a weird and cool piece of history.

Billings watched on poeTV

Was that the Stone Mountain railway there?
There are some hotties in this video.

boner watched on poeTV

Makes you want to go back to 1970 and turn on an FM radio

Hailey2006 watched on poeTV

At the end, that's Kenny Rogers!

Hooper_X watched on poeTV

Hell yeah! Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town is an awesome and jacked up song.

Old_Zircon watched on poeTV

This is my favorite style of filmmaking, tight here. The visual effects are VERY subdued in this, but it's still good. I'd post some clips from my personal "Like It Is," but most of them are NSFW.
Billy the Poet
It strikes me how terrible most of this music is. History quickly filters out the dross and leaves the gems.


From: Teresa in Rome, Georgia -

Subject: wow!

My sister and I reflect on the first "MTV" all the time. I especially remember "Spirit in the Sky" and "Bridge over Troubled Water", as well as the Airport theme! How wonderful to have seen this. I can't wait to see the videos next time I'm in Athens! Thanks!!
Teresa - Rome, GA


Reply from: bobwhitney at TheNowExplosion.com

Hi Teresa,

Thanks a lot for your comment. Bridge Over Troubled Water and Spirit in the Sky were two of my favorites also. UGA rescued two versions of "Spirit" and one of "Bridge". Unfortunately, the one which included Martin Luther King's film clip is still among the missing. Glad you remember all that wonderful stuff. I'm sure UGA will be glad to set you up to watch the video on a slightly larger screen than on YouTube.com. Thanks again for your thoughts. You guys keep things rockin' in Rome.

Bob Whitney - Founding Elf - TheNowExplosion.com

From: Teresa in Rome, Georgia

Thanks so much. I will do that. Thank you for creating such wonderful memories!


From: ubertuberboy at YouTube.com

be.com In 1970, I was 17 & new to this country & Now Explosion on Channel 11, Manhattan, NY, on Saturdays was so much fun. Loved the girls dancing in their mini skirts, some barefoot, and the colors & effects, it was just a kick. Please, more!!!


From: Marc Nathan

...In NY it ran for hours on end on the weekends on one of the local non-network stations (WPIX - 11 I believe) and was really a pre-cursor to MTV. Film clips of bands, or people who had nothing to do with the bands, while the hits of the day played on in the
background. Specific memory... Two girls fighting over a rubber trashcan
with the sign "DING" taped on it, while The Pipkins "Gimme Dat Ding" played.


From: GatewayGhettoProd at YouTube.com

-Very nice. I was about 12 years old when this was put on the schedule at the brand-new UHF station KDNL-TV30 in St. Louis. It ran for 5 amazing hours on Saturday, up against the likes of "American Bandstand" on KTVI, "Happening '70" on KPLR, and "St. Louis Hop" on KSD-TV. Over time, some of the hours were replaced by other programming, (like "Roller Game of the Week") until finally the last remaning hour of "Now Explosion" was replaced by the then-new "Soul Train". For some reason, the clip I remember most (not shown here) was the one for the song "Georgie Girl". There was a version of the tile sequence with a particular theme song playing...(not this version) wish I could remember the tune...maybe you could include a collection of opening and closing sequences and "bumpers" (5 second segments in between commercials to remind you what you were watching) in the next video. This would be much appreciated! 



From: pookerville at YouTube.com

OH, MY GOD! I REMEMBER THIS SHOW! This was on in Boston on WSBK-TV channel 38. During the summer of 1970, it used to run 4 hours on Saturday afternoon, and 3 hours on Sunday night! What a show it was!

Later From:pookerville at YouTube.com

The Now Explosion was ahead of its time! MTV can't claim to be the first music video channel anymore, since Now Explosion really hit the airwaves! What a great show it was!


From: katpil at YouTube.com

I was 15 in 1970, living in Atlanta, and remember watching Now Explosion every chance I could. My favorite videos were "Honky Tonk Woman" and "I Still Get The Same Old Feeling", and no, it does not seem like a long time ago. Every time I hear "Honky Tonk Woman" today I see that girl dancing. I looked up Now Explosion in Wikipedia and found you here! Thanks, Bob, looking forward to Segment #2, #3, etc. I would love to see an online library ala ITunes where we could view Now Explosion videos by song title.


From: Walter Deveikis

Subject: Melanie-VideoHello
I remember this great collection of videos before MTV.  You had a great video of Melanie doing LayDown (Candles in the Rain). I would love to be able to purchase that and some of your others.  You should do a DVD Collection. Or do you have one?


 From: mrpussypants at YouTube.com

Katpil- that would require to feed all the lawyers to each other. Corporations DO NOT LIKE TO LET PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER. Look at PBS docs- well- what docs?!- many have been pulled because Corporations own the rights now to PUBLIC FILMS and the public no longer has many rights- even to freely view them! STILL- PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO GET BACK WHAT WAS LOST FOR QUICK CASH.


From: Rollin558 at YouTube.com

Holy mackeral!!!! Youtube is so great. I've been typing in searches of songs and programs I thought only I remembered. I typed in Now Explosion, which I loved watching in NYC, so many years ago. As the nine minute vid started, I was hoping against hope that I'd see the vid of a sexy blonde dancing to Creedence Clearwater's "Looking out my back door." And sure enough, toward the end, there was 20 seconds of it. It would be great to somehow see all of that CCR video. For some strange reason, that video and that blonde remained in my mind all these years. Many, many thanks for the post, BobWhitney.


Reply from: bobwhitney at YouTube.com

Thanks very much for the comment re. Out My Back Door and The Now Explosion. We'd really like to hear more. Where were you when you watched The Now Explosion? Do you still know other people who also watched? Does it seem like a very long time ago? What's happened to you since those days? Again - thanks for your comment. We expect to be able to post more of the re-discovered video so keep us in mind. And please tell us anything you remember.


From: thx1138i at YouTube.com

Once again Bob an excellent time capsule of groovy swinging sounds, images and performances. I hope that we see a proper DVD release of Now Explosion sometime soon and that this classic stuff isn't forever confined to poor quality online clips. Thanks.


From: Shevytaylor at YouTube.com

Wow, a blast from the past. I remember the show very well from Boston on Channel 38. What a find!



I remember seeing your show in New York, on WPIX, ch.11. For some reason the song "Spill The Wine" by Mongo Jerry sticks in my mind! Many others too, but that one especially. I hope that all of you are still well, and warm!   God bless!


Enjoyed hearing from you. We are surviving and doing well...thanks...Peace-
-Bob Whitney-The Now Explosion


Hi There
I have been looking for this show for ages! I used to watch this religiously as a kid on WPIX in NY in 1970. I remember the boy dancing to "The Love You Save" and the video for "The Long and Winding Road". I would like to know if there is ever going to be a DVD of this put out. Atlanta is far from me, as I live in NY. Thanks for your time. Regards, -Rich Barbato


From Dave - Suffolk County - NY

Oh my god, looking at your site, the memories come flooding back. I was 11 in 1970, and the world was alive with a huge, new pop culture. I used play outside into the deep summer nights with all the kids in my huge, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York neighborhood. When it got late, we'd put on WPIX Channel 11 and watch the Now Explosion. I remember many videos: "Spill the Wine", "United We Stand", etc. Thanks for the memories! -Dave DeBenedetto


From Ellen -

WOW - I have been trying to get information on what happened to the now explosion for years, but nobody seems to remember it. I was only seven or eight years old when it was on. I remember hearing band of gold on the show.
Thank you for remembering!!!!! - Ellen


Steve Mintner - Stone Mountain, GA

I was in the third grade when Now Explosion exploded onto the air. I can remember it changing TV stations and it playing all night. This too was unusual for its time. I would very much love to see it again. It was great. Until I read the article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitutoin I was unaware it was only shown in the Atlanta area. Over the years when I would discuss the program with others I was surprised to find many of them didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Many people had moved into Atlanta from other areas of the country so they had never seen it. I loved it. If you decide to do anything with it I would like to know about it.


Jen Kaplan - Athens, GA

I work in the main library on North Campus in Athens. I forwarded your information to my mother. She and my uncles all watched the show while it aired and have been telling me about it for years..... I'm surprised that more people my age haven't heard of it, considering it was a predecessor to MTV....


Steve Salch - New Jersey - Watched WPIX, NY in 1970

....I was probably around 13 yrs old at the time, although I'm not sure (close enough though). I believe we first discovered the show at my aunt Carol's house in New Jersey.  I just remember thinking at the time that it was a pretty cool show, something I had never seen before.  It was like having radio on TV; We all loved listening to music on the radio (60's & 70's is the best!) Our cousins were there, so it seemed, they had the dog-gone show on the TV 24 hrs a day!  It was just there when you walked into their house.  So I believe that's when we started watching it at home (channel 11, OK, that sounds about right).
As my sister already told you, we liked to tape the music from the show on our tape recorders (yes, we just all loved our tape recorders).  I can still remember the theme song (Now Explosion, explosion, explosion. Followed by music with lots of percussion, mostly cowbells.  This was usually the lead-in to the next music video).
Some of the songs I remember from the show were: Mama Told Me (Not to Come), Love On A 2 Way Street (showed a couple in love walking around city streets, I think?), Band Of Gold (DJ once said "Here's a REAL pain, I mean Freda!"; probably the most played tune), Spill The Wine (I can still see that guy lying in a field of grass), Which Way Are You Going Billy, Gimme Dat Ding (two grown men, running along the beach with a garbage can, how absurd!), etc, etc.
That's about the all I can remember. The rest is stuck somewhere inside my brain. I hope to get to see the remaining videos some day. - Steve Salch


Anonymous = From NewsGroup

The TV show I want to find some info on was from about a year after that and
was called "The Now Explosion." In NY it ran for hours on end on the
weekends on one of the local non-network stations (WPIX - 11 I believe) and
was really a pre-cursor to MTV. Film clips of bands, or people who had
nothing to do with the bands, while the hits of the day played on in the
background. Specific memory... Two girls fighting over a rubber trashcan
with the sign "DING" taped on it, while The Pipkins "Gimme Dat Ding" played.


Mark Topaz - NewsGroup

Hi. I came across your site last night while doing a search on the Now
Explosion. I remember the show very well as it ran in NY on WPIX all night
on Friday and Saturday night. I used to watch it for hours. I've been
collecting TV shows for the last 25 years and my collection numbers in the
tens of thousands of shows. Just wondering if there is any way to get a
copy of something (anything) from the Now Explosion..... Thanks, - Mark Topaz



Sam Hudson - Email to TheNowExplosion.net

Just came across your website. It brought back great memories of Piedmont Park in the early 1970's, and the Strip. Atlanta music has been a big part of my life, and I am facinated by this project. A few years ago, Bobby Harper was DJ at my wife's class reunion. I took the opportunity to speak to him and we talked about the Now Explosion. Hope to hear more updates, and I will visit the UGA Media Archives. Thanks, - Sam Hudson


Sharon Lamb

I am not sure that this is the right website for what i am searching
for...if you can answer a question for me it might help...is one of the
songs that your Now Explosion use to feature wa a video with the song "Spill
the wine"..if so then can you send me a list of all the songs that Now
Explosion use to play vidoes of...thank you so much!! Sharon Lamb


Reply from Bob Whitney

Hi Sharon - At some point we'll gather all the song titles any of us can remember and post them here, In the meantime, the University of Georgia archives have posted a list of Now Explosion songs they have recovered on their website. Go to: http://www.libs.uga.edu/media/collections/nowexplosion/index.html



DJ Frat posted on Mother Jones -

I have found others out in Cyber Space who remembers "Now Explosion" - like many of you; I felt I had lost my mind, "thinking" I had watched this show, while growing up on Long Island, NY. I would take a long extension cord and take the TV into my garage and watch as much of it as I could stay awake and watch with a neighbor friend. We'd set up lounge chairs with blankest and pillows. It was a BLAST!!! I feel like I have regained a small piece of my sanity through this message board. Thank You ALL for validating I'm not alone in these great memories of "Now Explosion"!!!




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